Sunday, September 7, 2014

who doesn't love the mail man?!

I haven't had much time for DIY stuff but I apparently have had time to online shop.  During summer (conference season) I have to wear a uniform shirt at work so people can easily identify me.  At the end of this week I get to start wearing my own clothes again (YYAAAAYYY)!!  This just made me feel like I was allowed to back to school shop.  Some how everything showed up in the same week. So excited to wear some of my new purchase.

I ended up picking up two of these skirts.  The fit so well and I couldn't resist the polka dots but the black I can wear all the time.  Since they are from Old Navy it didn't break the bank!

I got these and was a little unsure when I tried them on in the store but when they finally came in the mail I loved them.  I think the lighting in Banana's dressing rooms is super unflatering.  I can't wait for it to be cool enough to wear these!

I also ordere this sweatshirt from Kate Spade because it was so bright and fun online!  However when it came it looked like the below color...  I'm super bummed that it will be going back to the store.

I've been working a lot lately but somehow fit in some tailgating this past week for both the Coug game and the Hawks game.  I'm pumped it is football season!!