Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Finally two days off in a row! I spent some time working on my bedroom and I'm starting to feel that it is almost actually done. 

I spent about two hours at Joann's trading bolts of fabric for other bolts until I finally settled on this combo for my throw pillows. I spent some time reteaching myself how to thread the machine and then got two out of the three completed. 

I also finally found a lamp shade that made me happy. I think it just looks great! I also finished my imitation art. Obviously not as great as the original print but until I have an extra $2,000 laying around (which will be never) it will do the trick. 

I also was walking around the hill and stopped at Spin Cycle a record store and this vinyl just jumped in my arms. Which made the end of my weekend way better than the way it started


Sunday, April 20, 2014

DIY Terrariums

I've been trying to figure out a way to have plants in my house with The Mayor.   
So far the score is 
Mayor Buttons: 4 
House plants: 0

I picked up some globe terrariums (from Safeway of all places).  They caught my eye since they were hanging from the ceiling and my brain immediately went to "my cat can't reach that!"

I woke up Saturday and headed to a local nursery called City People's down in Madison Park. After walking around with different ferns and smaller plants in my hand I stumbled upon the air plant display.  They just seemed really easy, cool, and I decided that was the way I wanted to go. 

They even had instructions so I don't kill them.

I also picked up raindeer moss to add some brighter green to the mix

I picked them out in different sizes so everything didn't end up looking uniform.

I unhooked them all and did them one by one.

They turned out so so so so good!

Ha, he can't reach them!


Friday, April 18, 2014

My Bed is Here! My Bed is Here!

After only an hour of frustration my new bed is all put together! It looks better than I even imagined it!

Of course I had forgotten to pick up queen sized sheets which required a Target run at 9:00 at night. And my will power at that time of night is very very low. So my scouting of night stands turned into a purchase. 

This little yellow cutie came home with me! My vision on Polyvore is actually coming together and looking great.
 Next up is artwork... I need a new piece for above my bed. I'm in love with this Johnathan Adler print but since it is out of my price range a DIY version will be coming soon. 

I was also internet perusing and decided I had to have this ceramic retro phone holder for my night stand. Thanks to Instagram I recently stumbled on Hattan Home and have been discovering the most adorable apartment accessories.

I'll just live in this apartment forever please & thank you


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Lighting

Had a great weekend working on the maintenance of  life.  I'm completely done working at the hotel and have started my new job. It's going to be an adjustment but I'm pretty excited. 

Spring time means tennis shoes! I had been swooning over everyone's leopard print slip ons but couldn't rationalize spending $100+ on them. Yay for Asos! These guys get me the look I wanted at a price that didn't kill my budgeting. 

Lots of apartment updates are coming as I just renewed my lease meaning I'll be in my spot for another year. This wonderful lamp walked home with me one evening from next to a pile of free stuff. Go ahead and call me a dumpster diver but I had to have it AND it's actually still works!

My sunglasses were getting out of control and I needed to clear the top of my dresser for my sanity. This was a quick fix that turned out cute

When I was in India I saw this lantern and had to have it. This past weekend my dad came over to help me make sure I didn't electrocute myself. It is now sitting over my breakfast table in the kitchen and I'm in love. 

I finished up the weekend enjoying the weather at the beach with J. It made me want to fast forward to June!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

This Weeks Highlights

I completed my first week of the new job and finally got a day to lay around.  J was busy having a guys day so I got to clean and relax a little.  There were a couple things that made this week great (besides just starting a new job)

pulling out this Kate Spade necklace I hadn't worn in sometime

this package finally showed up on my door step

my friends leaving me cookie dough, presecco, and a congrats card on my first day

opening night at the Mariners game

Its feeling like spring and I'm loving it!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Easy DIY Art

Recently at the hotel I asked my General Manager if he had any frames laying around that I could have to start putting together my gallery wall. Frames are expensive and I can't bring myself to pay more than $10 at Value Village for used frames and the big ones are always more than that.  Lucky for me he let me grab whatever I wanted for, FREE!  Only problem is they were all filled with ugly hotel hallway pictures.  This one frame is awesome but it has very weird measurements and any artwork or prints that I liked weren't long enough.. I decided I'd do some DIY art to fill in the frame. I always like Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler's bright, playful, fun housewares and decided to do something along those lines.

ugly hotel picture that occupied the frame before

the mayor felt like being very helpful through out the process

1. Glue Stick
2. Shape paper punch
3. Paint sample swatches from the hardware store (I went with some pretty basic colors but you could do any type or feel that you want)
4. Frame, mat, large piece of paper (I actually just flipped over the ugly picture, no cutting required :) )

Step 1: punch colored holes while finally binge watching the last season of Breaking Bad on Netflix until the ball of your hand hurts
Step 2: Glue dots randomly on the piece of paper.  I felt like making it feel more like rain.
Step 3: Put in frame and hang up!
Step 4: Admire the easiest piece of art ever made.

Final Product

  I actually really like how it turned out, the picture doesn't do it justice. This was probably the easiest at home art that took zero talent ever but sometimes things shouldn't be difficult.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Working For The Weekend

It is my last manager weekend at the hotel which is a little bittersweet but that let me have a sunny Friday off. Here are some great things that will make working all weekend not so bad...

this raccoon fence art on Pike

being able to wear white jeans

this new gurgle pitcher and fresh flowers from the market

this planner and everything in it

this DIY art project (final item coming soon)

this thrift shop find which is going to look great next to my NEW bed

What gets you through having to work when everyone else is having fun?


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bedroom Inspiration

I'm in the market for a new bed frame and bed.  I can't wait to upgrade from what I currently have.  This talc colored tufted bed is sitting in my "shopping cart" waiting for me to hit the purchase button.  I wish I could afford these Jonathan Adler wall art but that is a little out of my budget at the moment.  Maybe it will be a DIY afternoon project. 

bedroom inspiration

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 

Currently my bedroom is pretty neutral but has more pink, red, orange accents.  I think the blues, green, and yellow will feel better in my bright apartment.  The red colors just feel harsh because of all the sun light.  Now to just wait for the bed delivery.... and find all these items in a bargain basement sale since I can't afford any of this.. Polyvore gets me every time!