Monday, April 7, 2014

Easy DIY Art

Recently at the hotel I asked my General Manager if he had any frames laying around that I could have to start putting together my gallery wall. Frames are expensive and I can't bring myself to pay more than $10 at Value Village for used frames and the big ones are always more than that.  Lucky for me he let me grab whatever I wanted for, FREE!  Only problem is they were all filled with ugly hotel hallway pictures.  This one frame is awesome but it has very weird measurements and any artwork or prints that I liked weren't long enough.. I decided I'd do some DIY art to fill in the frame. I always like Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler's bright, playful, fun housewares and decided to do something along those lines.

ugly hotel picture that occupied the frame before

the mayor felt like being very helpful through out the process

1. Glue Stick
2. Shape paper punch
3. Paint sample swatches from the hardware store (I went with some pretty basic colors but you could do any type or feel that you want)
4. Frame, mat, large piece of paper (I actually just flipped over the ugly picture, no cutting required :) )

Step 1: punch colored holes while finally binge watching the last season of Breaking Bad on Netflix until the ball of your hand hurts
Step 2: Glue dots randomly on the piece of paper.  I felt like making it feel more like rain.
Step 3: Put in frame and hang up!
Step 4: Admire the easiest piece of art ever made.

Final Product

  I actually really like how it turned out, the picture doesn't do it justice. This was probably the easiest at home art that took zero talent ever but sometimes things shouldn't be difficult.


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