Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Finally two days off in a row! I spent some time working on my bedroom and I'm starting to feel that it is almost actually done. 

I spent about two hours at Joann's trading bolts of fabric for other bolts until I finally settled on this combo for my throw pillows. I spent some time reteaching myself how to thread the machine and then got two out of the three completed. 

I also finally found a lamp shade that made me happy. I think it just looks great! I also finished my imitation art. Obviously not as great as the original print but until I have an extra $2,000 laying around (which will be never) it will do the trick. 

I also was walking around the hill and stopped at Spin Cycle a record store and this vinyl just jumped in my arms. Which made the end of my weekend way better than the way it started


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