Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Lighting

Had a great weekend working on the maintenance of  life.  I'm completely done working at the hotel and have started my new job. It's going to be an adjustment but I'm pretty excited. 

Spring time means tennis shoes! I had been swooning over everyone's leopard print slip ons but couldn't rationalize spending $100+ on them. Yay for Asos! These guys get me the look I wanted at a price that didn't kill my budgeting. 

Lots of apartment updates are coming as I just renewed my lease meaning I'll be in my spot for another year. This wonderful lamp walked home with me one evening from next to a pile of free stuff. Go ahead and call me a dumpster diver but I had to have it AND it's actually still works!

My sunglasses were getting out of control and I needed to clear the top of my dresser for my sanity. This was a quick fix that turned out cute

When I was in India I saw this lantern and had to have it. This past weekend my dad came over to help me make sure I didn't electrocute myself. It is now sitting over my breakfast table in the kitchen and I'm in love. 

I finished up the weekend enjoying the weather at the beach with J. It made me want to fast forward to June!


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