Saturday, May 10, 2014

Exhausting Real Life

Life has been kind of exhausting lately hence why I haven't had anything fun to share.  No time for redecorating or fun DIY's. Still working on my throw pillows, my sewing machine has jammed up and I just haven't had the patience to fix it at the moment. Instead I'll just have one of those picture recaps of the little excitements in my past couple weeks :)

My Lulu Lemon Sea-wheeze training shorts came!! Time to start training for my 1/2 Marathon #realtalk
Book of Mormon is coming to Seattle and I snagged some presale tickets
Molly Moon's Ice Cream... enough said

Picked up Atmosphere's new album on vinyl
Grabbed beers at the Scuttlebutt Brewery with my Dad one day
My Artic Monkey tickets came in the mail.

The mail was good to me this week... I wonder what other presents I can buy myself.


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