Monday, July 14, 2014

Gold & Glitter

A couple months ago I picked up this great rams head at Retrofit on Capitol Hill.  I can't go into that place with out buying something. However with how beige and white my apartment is (mainly because I love all things nuetral) it looks a little washed out on my wall.
I've seen some recent pins of similar heads that you can purchase pre-gold, mint, etc etc... but apparently I didn't notice those when I bought my all plain white one. 

Time for a DIY Gold & Glitter project.  Luckily I don't need to go out and buy too much stuff when I have project like this since I already own all the different gold paints you can.

First I taped everything off that I didn't want gold.

Spray and Dry

Don't forget to wear gloves like I did!

Next I purchased some gold glitter and spray adhesive.

Unfortunately for me when I do things like this everyone that walks by my apartment building looks at me like I'm some crazy person as I throw gold glitter on a rams head while sitting on the ground...

I'm going to find glitter every where for months!

Voila! He's a little more flashy, now he just needs a name!


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