Sunday, April 26, 2015

new place, new bedroom?

About a year ago I was over the moon when I received my new bed frame. There was even a post titled “My Bed is Here, My Bed is Here.” That was before I realized my jerk cat was going to love it as much as I did and would feel the need to walk across the top and sharpen his claws.  I’ve tried everything that one does to get their animal to stop using a piece of furniture as a scratching post (double sided tape, cayenne pepper, no-no scratch spray, a squirt bottle, etc, etc).  At least now when I pick up the bottle he hops off it but he just goes back on it when he thinks I’m not paying attention.  This has been happening for a year and I have given up and my headboard looks like crap.

my new bed before The Mayor destroyed it...

Once the move happens I will have a new space and will probably want it to feel different. The other week I found a Craigslist score for a brass headboard and couldn’t pass it up.  I’m not sure which is going to stay in my room and which is going to go into the guest room. 

$30 bed frame!!!

But I’ve been pining over the bright, simple, more farm house bedroom feels that have been going on in the Pinterest world lately, maybe one dark navy wall that the head board will be against?  It is such a harsh contrast to the more modern look I originally was going for but new space, new feels? Right?  I had recently purchased a solid blue duvet cover but The Mayor being a tabby leaves his light and dark hairs on everything… so I think I need to move toward a pattern. I’m looking at adopting a dog so soon there will be even more hair to try and hide.
bedroom 2

bedroom 2 by blackbeigebrown featuring

Two weeks and I will know how I feel about the actual space and which room is going to get what!

Here are a couple pictures that have been crushing on and hoping to use as inspiration for my new spaces.

thinking about a dark accent wall - jade green, navy, or charcoal gray

keep the bed gold? or paint it?

So many decisions to be made!

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