Saturday, March 8, 2014

Carry On Must Haves

I'm off to India on Tuesday for two weeks and it very quickly crept up on me, meaning that I need to pack stat.  I was thinking about what I could not live without while abroad and came up with very basic items that I make sure are in my carry on.

carry on must haves

1. Hand Sanitizer - I'm not a huge germ phob but lets be serious public areas in general are gross
2. Dry Shampoo - this stuff saves my life on a daily basis.  Sometimes you just don't have time to wash, dry, and style your hair.  Dry shampoo and a couple of bobby pins and I'm set.
3. IPod - I know, I know your phone has everything!  But if you actually use your ipod your phone battery will last way longer which is sometimes more important than looking dated carrying two apple products at once.
4. Packing Cubes - These things make living out of a back pack for two weeks less messy and stressful.  Best Christmas present ever, Thanks Mom!
5. Liquid Eye Liner Pen - Stays on better than pencil, no need to pack a sharpener, and stays on longer!
6. Camera - I know my phone takes pictures... blah blah blah... but this takes BETTER pictures.
7. Bronzer/Powder - I don't wear a whole lot of make daily but this is always on my face
8. Eos Chapstick Ball - obsessed.
9.Facial Mist - Flying dries me out and makes me oh so tired.  A little spritz of this and I feel 1000x better
10. Hand & Face Wipes - Since I'm headed to India these are going to be in my bag every where we go.  The bathrooms aren't all westernized and I'd rather be safe (clean) than sorry.

What are your carry on must haves?

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