Thursday, December 25, 2014

Cat Proof Christmas Tree

This was the first year that I braved buying a REAL Christmas tree due to The Mayor's mischievous behavior.  Last year I opted for a "cat safe" tree.  I had looked online for an alternative way of having a tree and getting in the holiday spirit.

There is always the strand lights on the wall to create a tree idea.  However I love my ornaments and this doesn't really allow me to hang them.

I also had stumbled upon this article on Apartment Therapy that actually gave me the idea to try out a pallet Christmas tree.  I know that everyone makes everything out of pallets but this one was easy.  

1. Go and pick up a free pallet (they are super easy to find, espcially on craiglist.)
2. Use a circular saw and make 2 cuts.  
3. Decorate
4. You are done!

(If you cut from the middle out the beam stays in tact and everything stays together)

Last year I ran a strand of lights zig zag up the tree.and hung my ornaments on nails.

It was super easy, cat proof, and looked adorable!!

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