Sunday, March 29, 2015

project, projects, projects

Time flew by and all of the sudden it is Spring and I haven't finished any projects and I'm moving in a month and a half!  This means that I haven't started any project because I know that I'm going to move soon.  I can't wait to have an entire canvas of a house to play with!

Projects I have on my list of to do's:

1. refurbish my free Papasan Chair (that is just chilling in my hallway until I move).

2. paint my free lamp (navy?) and make my new lamp shade work

3. frame for my painting from Nicaragua

4. complete throw pillows with the fabric  I picked up in India (over a year ago....whoops)

5. paint my extra craigslist dresser (that is being stored in my hall closet until I move... I'm kind of turning into a hoarder prior to the move).

6. Finally finish my first craigslist dresser that I picked up two years ago...
I immediately painted it white with a homemade chalk paint. Not thinking it thoroughly through I didn't put a wax or any type of top coat.  Since I put my make up on over it and usually have a cup of coffee while doing so it quickly became stained and dirty looking.

After reading a couple blogs I decided to try out oil paint. After thinking I had accidentally poisened The Mayor for a couple of hours I was finally able to appreciate the nice glossy finish.  It turned out beautiful, glossy, and lacquered looking!

Now it just needs some new knobs...

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