Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bathroom (in progress)

Last week one evening I was super impatient and just grabbed a sample size can of gray that I had left over from another project and started painting. I can be slightly impulsive and impatient. Sometime it works out and others, not so much...

This time it worked!

Here are some lovely before shots.

Mid-week the wood had been painted gray. 

The rest of the bathroom needed to be painted as well. I decided I'd enjoy my long weekend painting my bathroom instead of going to Sasquatch (sarcasm).

See how yellow-y the old white was?

So bright, white, and clean!

Here is a good shot to show the difference in the old and new white.   

Ahh look at how much better it looks!!

Such a BIG difference with just a little (a lot) of paint. 

Sooner or later I may replace the hardware. There is so much storage (not complaining), it ends up being pricey replacing that many handles. 

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