Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Walk-in closet under $165.00

What do you do when you live in a 3 1/2 bedroom house alone?  Make one of the extra bedrooms into a walk in closet!!

Items purchased:
(2) book shelves: I went with this exact one from IKEA because of look and price point 

 pole and socket kit
wooden pole: I went down to my local hardware store, McLendons and a really nice guy helped me find one and then cut it to the correct length for me. 

Next all you have to do is spend the time struggling to put the bookshelves together and screw the socket set to the sides.

The bookshelves set up prior to me running to buy the socket and pole. 

DONE and unpacked!

When you first walk in to the room you see my craigslist dresser redo
 Surprisingly I want to say this only took me maybe two hours. It was a long day of moving...

I'm still working on jewelry storage, mirror, and maybe a bench!


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